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Product name : Self Balance Scooter with bluetooth and music
Product No. : QD-M801
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 The self balancing scooter Lamborghini model QD-M801, we make the cabinet more cool and more fashionable, with bluetooth, LED light and speakers.

The Self balanceing Scooter is an intelligent personal transporter, also called smart skateboard, balance board…

It is a New innavation technology mobility device that transformation comes in the form of electric bicycles, skateboards and scooters.

The Self balancing scooter is powered by lithium battery, and use selfbalance control system, it lacks handlebars and any sort of steering contraption, its moves based instead on subtle pressure from your feet and body, the two wheels will go to the direction you want.

More easily to learn and bring much fun element for kids and adults, riding the self balancing scooter to change your way of move, travel, see and more connect with the world.



Li-ion Battery: 36V Samsung/LG 18650 Lithium Battery 4400mah

Max Load: 100KG

Max Speed: 10km/H

Max Range: 15-20KM

Max Climbing: 20°

Min Turning Radius: 0°  

Motor Power: 350w*2

Charging Time: 1-2H

Charging Requirements: 100-240V/50-60HZ

Tire: 170mm Non-pneumatic Hollow Tire

Color: black,white,blue,yellow,pink, red

System: Body Self balancing Control Scooter board



l         Bluetooth connect with phone and play music

l         Portable, easy to learn and ride scooter.

l         Release your two hands mini vehicle.

l         Your body selfbalance control personal transporter.

l         Brush motor intellegent mobility device.

l         Innovative design with LED lights.

l         Balancing system control two wheels forward ,backward and turning.

l         OEM services are provided



1.       Both for Adults and Children to play games.

2.       Ride at home, cut across country lane easily.

3.       Dancing with self balancing scooter on a show.

4.       Riding to transport the big hand buggy in the fair.

5.       Riding in the supermarket or park.

6.       Riding out of the garage after parking your car or motorcycle.

7.       Connect with mobile and camera to take photos.

8.       Amusement, transporter and sport device.


How to ride a self balancing scooter?

1.       Power the self balancing scooter

2.       Two fingers put on the each side of the board to make sure self balance already.

3.       One foot put onto one side of the board slightly without presure or any weight.

4.       The other foot fastly ride onto the other side of the board.

5.       Relax and keep two feets weight balance, then you will be standing on the board successfully.

6.       lean your body to control the direction of the balance scooter, you will rolling forward or backward or rotation. Please body movement don’t be too much.

7.       Get off the self balancing scooter when the scooter is stop moving and be balance status, one leg off the board and the other one off quickly.



1.       Please get off the self balancing scooter from the back side.

2.       Please don’t turn charply when you are riding fast speed.

3.       Please don’t turn or rotate the two side boards when on a slope.

4.       Please don’t let kids to play the scooter without any adults protection.



1.       Import Samsung/LG lithium battery

Our self balancing scooter use samsung battery, it can rechargeable at least 1800 times, and has a long life time, 3.8 times longer than common battery, much more safe.

2.       Motor

Brushless DC motor, small sound, easy to operate, simple construction, easy to maintanance.

3.       Balance system control board.

4.       Cabinet

The self balancing scooter cabinet and shape make it like a skateboard.

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